Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I did last weekend

So I mentioned (or was it complained) that I spent most of the weekend with my daughter working on a Safari Jeep. Well here it is. Yeah it took most of a day to make a template so my daughter could cut out the doors, cut the dowels for the wheels and roof supports, and glue the seating together. Now I probably could have done all that much quicker with out here help but that wasn't the project.

At this point only one wheel on each axial is glued on and I will probably hit them with some black paint. I also removed the seats and hit the inside of the shoe box with some grey primer. Other than that i believe this project is go over to the ladies to finish the decorations. The ladies would be my wife and daughter. If I am lucky I will not have to touch the thing other than to maybe help with gluing the supports and seats in.