Monday, May 5, 2014

Rest and Relaxation!

Or maybe not. I was hoping but it was not to be. Friday evening had a group of us sitting around the table talking about Iron Kingdoms RPG stuff and trying not to completely screw our characters up. We got a Unicorn birthday cake for one of the guys (yes it was a joke) and all was good. Then came Saturday which meant a trip to the hobby store to get stuff for my daughter's project. Make a Safari Jeep out of a shoe box, nothing to major but we were only given 2 weeks to do it and today will see her coming home with another project that must be turned in on the same day. Now I know for a fact that this teacher did the exact same project last year so why can we not get a couple more weeks for the project? We send the shoe box in a month ago for who knows what reason. So yes I spent a part of Saturday and most of Sunday obtaining materials, coming up with ideas, designing the things, and partially fabricating it. At the moment i does actually look pretty nice.

This wasn't the only thing that destroyed the R&R though. Saturday night the plumbing backed up. Into the shower. Fortunately we know a plumber and everything was working again by Sunday afternoon. If you ever get a chance to become friends with a plumber DO NOT PASS IT UP!

It wasn't all bad though, Friday night went well and while we spent more time socializing than going over characters and discussing IKRPG rules (still haven't completely read through the magic section yet). I also got to play some Civ5 which saw me through the "British Invasion" achievement and into my 3rd attempt at a Brazilian Diplomatic Victory (also an achievement). I also found a copy of Evil Genius and decided to go ahead and reinstall it. It wasn't what I was looking for but hey what the hell it was a fun game.