Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Page Rules: Kill team - Sisters of Battle vs Imperial Guard (150 Points)

For a while now i have been wanting to check out the One Page Rules for Kill Team. I loved Necromunda in the past, but the Kill Team rules that GW published have been lack luster. I had mentioned that I had found a way for my daughter to play the few Sisters that I had collected a long time ago and she was game.

My Daughter's Sisters of Battle
Cannoness w/ Power Weapon and Rosarius
3x Sisters of Battle
Retributor w/ Linked Flamer

My Imperial Guard
Commander w/ Command Assistants (1 with Medipack)
2x Guard Units each with a flamer

This is the beginning setup, my daughter had spread out her line across the back while I placed my commander and one unit on the left and on on the far right. Sorry about the terrain we just grabbed what ever was around and didn't bother grabbing any trees other than the completed ones.

The first turn was uneventful other than i got very lucky with a flamer against a sister in a building. No amount of armorer will save you from 5 lucky hits with a flamer. She then rolled a wound roll of 1. At the beginning of turn 2 the above happened. The Canoness has 6 wounds and a weapon that gives her 3 attacks. I am pretty sure those guard are dead.

To my surprise only 1 died and I did 3 wounds to the Canoness. Maybe i should stay in melee and get all those points for killing her instead of doing the smart thing and running away. Second turn of melee. Canoness is down to 2 turns and the Flamer is Stunned. Now i cannot run away, oh bother. One can hope for 2 more turns and my daughter's bad wound rolls. 

For two turns my Daughter had a Sister in that same building and if it wasn't for the Medic in my command squad they would all be dead. Even in turn 4 they just keep taking pot shoots at each other. I did hit her once for a push back that did not go far enough to knock her from the second floor. I was very upset with her luck.

Wasn't going to happen, she got three hits and I rolled nothing and more of nothing. Everyone died, not even on the wound rolls, Two 1s and a 2 for the wound rolls. The rest of the battle went down hill for me, I got caught between a Sister and the Retributor with my last Guard unit and even with a flamer I got no wounds on the Retributor and she took out 2 Guardsmen. I did get lucky in the final turn and stunned the Retributor but was then finished off by the flanking Sister. 

All in all the game was fun and my Daughter caught on far faster than I expected. I did go into the battle expecting to be kind to her and give her a bit due to it being her first time and I must say she exploited it. 

Sisters of Battle WIN!

I will say that the Orders rule for the Imperial Guard is rather nice and if i had got it off in the last turn it may have changed the out come but with the horrible attack rolls I had I am not sure it would have mattered.

If you are interested in a pretty good set of Skirmish rules for 40K definitely go take a look a the One Page Kill Team rules. They also have skirmish rules for Fantasy as well as simpler rules for 40k and Fantasy. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Modified Resonant Rise: Town Hall Tour and Village Building

I have two things for today, firstly a couple of pics from my Town Hall and then some stuff from my Village that i started building and moving villagers too. I am not having much luck with the villagers though. For what ever reason monsters seem to really want to eat them.

So firstly the Town Hall, I call it the Town Hall because it contains the Ancient Warfare block called the Town Hall and is where all the Ancient Warfare NPCs return at night and such. I am not done cleaning it up but I have moved some items in.

I added a small watch tower to the top of the Town Hall, I did this more to allow for roof top access to the tree farms and because I got stuck during a Blood Moon. At least with the tower I am now able to see if the mobs walking through the farm area can be easily handled or if I need to stay put.

This is the crew, I have since added a couple more couriers to the mix but for the most part these are the fellows that do all the work. Need to get Benny a bit more help since he is my only Miner at the moment and the quarry is 32 x 32. Toby is still working with all the farms and animals while Bob deals with all my trees, he just picked up a Birch farm. Cid well he deals with the new Storage System.

And here is the Storage System, think of it as a archaic AE2 storage system if you would like. As you can see Fred seems to be doing some work, his only job is keeping to others feed. He takes raw food from storage and runs it through the Steve's Workshop in the back which has four furnaces and then moves the cooked food to the Town Hall. Make my life so much easier since Hubert moves all the animal products from the farms into storage.

Nothing special here really, just some bulk storage for the quarry and tree farms as well as my setup for the metallurgy grinder. My third courier named Markus actually drops some of the ores off at the grinder for me. I am still collecting some ore so i can finish setting him up. Currently he only grinds Iron ore. 

This is what came do to the Blood Moon that happened after the one that forced a Town Hall Tower. These mine carts go back and forth between my House and the Town Hall. There have been several occasions when a monster with a stupid amount of hit points has shown up in the village and I needed to cross the lawn to the tower to get a good shot on them. Running into the wild with said monster has ended poorly for me in the past, but not anymore.

So i have been doing a little bit of work on the village. Ancient Warfare 2 has a template system that comes stock with most of the vanilla village buildings and makes setting them up pretty quick. My only complaint is that the blocks used to build these templates seems to get corrupt if you pick them back up after setting them. So be warned that all the building materials for your building may be lost if you have to move this block.

I build a second Town Hall structure on this side of the village, didn't know it I was going to need it but i put it here as a just in case. Yes it is under the church, figured that I was probably going to need roof access and a watch tower so i used the church. From this angel you don't even notice the Town Hall. I may run a tunnel or rail here as well since you never know if you may need it.

The view from the top of the church, I did add a farm and no it is not the standard vanilla farm. I only added it because I like the look, so yes it is decoration. In the background you can see the Japanese Village that belongs to my neighbors. They expanded rather rapidly but seem to be stuck looking for iron and since their miner seems to be lazy haven't found any lately. I make take pity on them and go give them some before to long.

The following are just some road view pictures of the area. I do plan to put in some roads but haven't got around to it yet. I was actually trying to get some villagers moved in but have had a hard time keeping them alive. Of the 11 villagers I attempted to move in only 1 have survived. I have also had 2 Blood Moons since I started the project. I get 4 villagers and a Blood Moon hits. There seems to be a pattern since before I picked up the villagers I only saw 2 Blood Moons. I need to come up with a better defense that doesn't require lighting up everything within 256 blocks and a wall. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Modified Resonant Rise: Mod List

I finally remembered, for anyone interested here is the mod list.

Now I did start with the base Resonant Rise 3 and added a very limited number of mods from their packs and threw a couple others on top. The only mod from the RR3 pack that I updated was Ancient Warfare 2 to fix a crash when placing an NPC. I also left the configs alone with the exception of setting the Thaumcraft research to easy. I figured it was the only way I was going to use the mod and I really hate the research system. Reminds me to much of work and I work more than I like.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Modified Resonant Rise: Base Tour

Figured I would grab a couple of pics of the current farmstead since i cannot rightfully call it a base. The house was a pre-generated structure which i added a balcony to, though I never finished the railing. I did forget to grab the mod list for this so I will try and remember it for the future. 

I took this from the top of the uncompleted town hall where the AW2 workers stay. In the background is the Chocobo Barn where i have my first blue chocobo baby as well as my basic food farms. The Barley farm on the right is mostly used for Bread for my Workers.

Here are all the AW2 farms, Toby tends all of these pretty much on his own. In the back near the Chickens in a new Carrot farm and I have added some Sheep to the Cattle farm since i have a need for the Wool. The Japanese village north of me wants quite a bit of it so I figured I would supply them.

This is on top of the town hall, it is just my tree farms and behind it is my mine. currently neither are doing much and I need to add a farm for Birch. The quarry isn't much since I simply placed the station in the side of the wall.

Simple fish farm that i really only put in place to give a little extra fish, ink sacks and slime balls. Yes the Harvestcraft Octopus convert to slime balls.

There isn't really anything inside the house at the moment besides a bed and a minimal amount of tools. I do have a full kitchen but I will save that for when I have more in the house.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Been Playing: Modified Resonant Rise!

I don't normally have a lot of free time during the week and sometimes my weekend isn't much better. So when I get some free time it typically needs to be filled with something i can stop at a moments notice and that it I need an extended reprieve from is easy to get back into. One of the best games I have found for that has been Minecraft, you can hit escape to pause and if it needs to be shutdown it isn't to hard to figure out what you were last doing. It is also easily changed through mods. As of late I have been playing Resonant Rise as you can probably tell from the image above but in this instance I selected a very limited number of mods from the list they had and added a couple of others. I have been adding and removing mods for the last week or so and playing a bit to see if i like the feel of the pack, so far so good though. I like the feel of it , have been enjoying building again and not just farming resources to make tech. I have magic in the pack but haven'f felt a need to advance in it yet mostly because I haven t needed to.

At the moment I am building up the area around my house with some Ancient Warfare 2 infrastructure. Getting the basics running, Wheat Farm, Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and pretty soon a couple Tree farms for lumber and charcoal. Besides Ancient Warfare we have Millenaire installed, mostly because i hate seeing the same types of villages all the time and I like actually having something else to do when I don't want to work on the House or gather resources. Go hang out at the closest Millenaire village and see what is going on. Unfortunately the current version does have a bug that causes some villagers to get stuck in loops on occasion. I also added Minecraft Comes Alive, this was added for a similar reason to Millenaire but instead of the village being boring to look at it is the villagers themselves. Oh and guards, someone has to protect those villages.

Mod packs are an interesting thing, you can look at most pack listings and a any given time the packs being released are mostly copies of the same themes. Hardcore Survival, HQM, Void Island, etc... These themes come back around a lot and if i see one that seems different I usually will grab it and play it for a bit. I still go back to Regrowth every couple of updates or so. Most of them have similar mod list and do similar things. I get really bored of that really quick. I haven't had that issue with this one yet and I am enjoying doing the little things which is odd for me. Maybe i am just getting old but I spent a whole play session building farms and looking for new Harvestcraft seeds (I need Onions). Another session I simply laid out the fencing for the AW2 Animal Farms. All the while worrying about the Grimoire of Gaia monsters on the other side of the hill that had been staring at me oddly. You never know if those Dryad are going to get upset with you for no real reason (maybe cutting down the trees around them is bad).

If your interested in Resonant Rise you can get the ATLauncher here. Maybe in the future I will post the mod list and some images from my play through.