Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Page Rules: Kill team - Sisters of Battle vs Imperial Guard (150 Points)

For a while now i have been wanting to check out the One Page Rules for Kill Team. I loved Necromunda in the past, but the Kill Team rules that GW published have been lack luster. I had mentioned that I had found a way for my daughter to play the few Sisters that I had collected a long time ago and she was game.

My Daughter's Sisters of Battle
Cannoness w/ Power Weapon and Rosarius
3x Sisters of Battle
Retributor w/ Linked Flamer

My Imperial Guard
Commander w/ Command Assistants (1 with Medipack)
2x Guard Units each with a flamer

This is the beginning setup, my daughter had spread out her line across the back while I placed my commander and one unit on the left and on on the far right. Sorry about the terrain we just grabbed what ever was around and didn't bother grabbing any trees other than the completed ones.

The first turn was uneventful other than i got very lucky with a flamer against a sister in a building. No amount of armorer will save you from 5 lucky hits with a flamer. She then rolled a wound roll of 1. At the beginning of turn 2 the above happened. The Canoness has 6 wounds and a weapon that gives her 3 attacks. I am pretty sure those guard are dead.

To my surprise only 1 died and I did 3 wounds to the Canoness. Maybe i should stay in melee and get all those points for killing her instead of doing the smart thing and running away. Second turn of melee. Canoness is down to 2 turns and the Flamer is Stunned. Now i cannot run away, oh bother. One can hope for 2 more turns and my daughter's bad wound rolls. 

For two turns my Daughter had a Sister in that same building and if it wasn't for the Medic in my command squad they would all be dead. Even in turn 4 they just keep taking pot shoots at each other. I did hit her once for a push back that did not go far enough to knock her from the second floor. I was very upset with her luck.

Wasn't going to happen, she got three hits and I rolled nothing and more of nothing. Everyone died, not even on the wound rolls, Two 1s and a 2 for the wound rolls. The rest of the battle went down hill for me, I got caught between a Sister and the Retributor with my last Guard unit and even with a flamer I got no wounds on the Retributor and she took out 2 Guardsmen. I did get lucky in the final turn and stunned the Retributor but was then finished off by the flanking Sister. 

All in all the game was fun and my Daughter caught on far faster than I expected. I did go into the battle expecting to be kind to her and give her a bit due to it being her first time and I must say she exploited it. 

Sisters of Battle WIN!

I will say that the Orders rule for the Imperial Guard is rather nice and if i had got it off in the last turn it may have changed the out come but with the horrible attack rolls I had I am not sure it would have mattered.

If you are interested in a pretty good set of Skirmish rules for 40K definitely go take a look a the One Page Kill Team rules. They also have skirmish rules for Fantasy as well as simpler rules for 40k and Fantasy.