Friday, December 11, 2015

Been Playing: Modified Resonant Rise!

I don't normally have a lot of free time during the week and sometimes my weekend isn't much better. So when I get some free time it typically needs to be filled with something i can stop at a moments notice and that it I need an extended reprieve from is easy to get back into. One of the best games I have found for that has been Minecraft, you can hit escape to pause and if it needs to be shutdown it isn't to hard to figure out what you were last doing. It is also easily changed through mods. As of late I have been playing Resonant Rise as you can probably tell from the image above but in this instance I selected a very limited number of mods from the list they had and added a couple of others. I have been adding and removing mods for the last week or so and playing a bit to see if i like the feel of the pack, so far so good though. I like the feel of it , have been enjoying building again and not just farming resources to make tech. I have magic in the pack but haven'f felt a need to advance in it yet mostly because I haven t needed to.

At the moment I am building up the area around my house with some Ancient Warfare 2 infrastructure. Getting the basics running, Wheat Farm, Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and pretty soon a couple Tree farms for lumber and charcoal. Besides Ancient Warfare we have Millenaire installed, mostly because i hate seeing the same types of villages all the time and I like actually having something else to do when I don't want to work on the House or gather resources. Go hang out at the closest Millenaire village and see what is going on. Unfortunately the current version does have a bug that causes some villagers to get stuck in loops on occasion. I also added Minecraft Comes Alive, this was added for a similar reason to Millenaire but instead of the village being boring to look at it is the villagers themselves. Oh and guards, someone has to protect those villages.

Mod packs are an interesting thing, you can look at most pack listings and a any given time the packs being released are mostly copies of the same themes. Hardcore Survival, HQM, Void Island, etc... These themes come back around a lot and if i see one that seems different I usually will grab it and play it for a bit. I still go back to Regrowth every couple of updates or so. Most of them have similar mod list and do similar things. I get really bored of that really quick. I haven't had that issue with this one yet and I am enjoying doing the little things which is odd for me. Maybe i am just getting old but I spent a whole play session building farms and looking for new Harvestcraft seeds (I need Onions). Another session I simply laid out the fencing for the AW2 Animal Farms. All the while worrying about the Grimoire of Gaia monsters on the other side of the hill that had been staring at me oddly. You never know if those Dryad are going to get upset with you for no real reason (maybe cutting down the trees around them is bad).

If your interested in Resonant Rise you can get the ATLauncher here. Maybe in the future I will post the mod list and some images from my play through.