Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Modified Resonant Rise: Base Tour

Figured I would grab a couple of pics of the current farmstead since i cannot rightfully call it a base. The house was a pre-generated structure which i added a balcony to, though I never finished the railing. I did forget to grab the mod list for this so I will try and remember it for the future. 

I took this from the top of the uncompleted town hall where the AW2 workers stay. In the background is the Chocobo Barn where i have my first blue chocobo baby as well as my basic food farms. The Barley farm on the right is mostly used for Bread for my Workers.

Here are all the AW2 farms, Toby tends all of these pretty much on his own. In the back near the Chickens in a new Carrot farm and I have added some Sheep to the Cattle farm since i have a need for the Wool. The Japanese village north of me wants quite a bit of it so I figured I would supply them.

This is on top of the town hall, it is just my tree farms and behind it is my mine. currently neither are doing much and I need to add a farm for Birch. The quarry isn't much since I simply placed the station in the side of the wall.

Simple fish farm that i really only put in place to give a little extra fish, ink sacks and slime balls. Yes the Harvestcraft Octopus convert to slime balls.

There isn't really anything inside the house at the moment besides a bed and a minimal amount of tools. I do have a full kitchen but I will save that for when I have more in the house.