Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Modified Resonant Rise: Town Hall Tour and Village Building

I have two things for today, firstly a couple of pics from my Town Hall and then some stuff from my Village that i started building and moving villagers too. I am not having much luck with the villagers though. For what ever reason monsters seem to really want to eat them.

So firstly the Town Hall, I call it the Town Hall because it contains the Ancient Warfare block called the Town Hall and is where all the Ancient Warfare NPCs return at night and such. I am not done cleaning it up but I have moved some items in.

I added a small watch tower to the top of the Town Hall, I did this more to allow for roof top access to the tree farms and because I got stuck during a Blood Moon. At least with the tower I am now able to see if the mobs walking through the farm area can be easily handled or if I need to stay put.

This is the crew, I have since added a couple more couriers to the mix but for the most part these are the fellows that do all the work. Need to get Benny a bit more help since he is my only Miner at the moment and the quarry is 32 x 32. Toby is still working with all the farms and animals while Bob deals with all my trees, he just picked up a Birch farm. Cid well he deals with the new Storage System.

And here is the Storage System, think of it as a archaic AE2 storage system if you would like. As you can see Fred seems to be doing some work, his only job is keeping to others feed. He takes raw food from storage and runs it through the Steve's Workshop in the back which has four furnaces and then moves the cooked food to the Town Hall. Make my life so much easier since Hubert moves all the animal products from the farms into storage.

Nothing special here really, just some bulk storage for the quarry and tree farms as well as my setup for the metallurgy grinder. My third courier named Markus actually drops some of the ores off at the grinder for me. I am still collecting some ore so i can finish setting him up. Currently he only grinds Iron ore. 

This is what came do to the Blood Moon that happened after the one that forced a Town Hall Tower. These mine carts go back and forth between my House and the Town Hall. There have been several occasions when a monster with a stupid amount of hit points has shown up in the village and I needed to cross the lawn to the tower to get a good shot on them. Running into the wild with said monster has ended poorly for me in the past, but not anymore.

So i have been doing a little bit of work on the village. Ancient Warfare 2 has a template system that comes stock with most of the vanilla village buildings and makes setting them up pretty quick. My only complaint is that the blocks used to build these templates seems to get corrupt if you pick them back up after setting them. So be warned that all the building materials for your building may be lost if you have to move this block.

I build a second Town Hall structure on this side of the village, didn't know it I was going to need it but i put it here as a just in case. Yes it is under the church, figured that I was probably going to need roof access and a watch tower so i used the church. From this angel you don't even notice the Town Hall. I may run a tunnel or rail here as well since you never know if you may need it.

The view from the top of the church, I did add a farm and no it is not the standard vanilla farm. I only added it because I like the look, so yes it is decoration. In the background you can see the Japanese Village that belongs to my neighbors. They expanded rather rapidly but seem to be stuck looking for iron and since their miner seems to be lazy haven't found any lately. I make take pity on them and go give them some before to long.

The following are just some road view pictures of the area. I do plan to put in some roads but haven't got around to it yet. I was actually trying to get some villagers moved in but have had a hard time keeping them alive. Of the 11 villagers I attempted to move in only 1 have survived. I have also had 2 Blood Moons since I started the project. I get 4 villagers and a Blood Moon hits. There seems to be a pattern since before I picked up the villagers I only saw 2 Blood Moons. I need to come up with a better defense that doesn't require lighting up everything within 256 blocks and a wall.