Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Have you ever?

Have you ever played a game that over some period of time you always went back to? Didn't matter if it was a video game, board game, card game, yard game (you know Hide and Seek, Lawn Darts), or sport, but you just kept going back to it. Maybe it is just me but for years on end I would some how get dragged back into to certain games and sometimes I just wondered back into it. In highschool I loved to play Stratego.

There you have it. I had that box at one point but now I own a simpler "Classic" box of the game. I would do my best to talk anyone that would listen into playing me. I still own a copy and it is sitting in my garage waiting to be pulled back out and played once again. Warhammer 40000 is another one of those games. I started playing it back in 7th grade (I had a copy of Rogue Trader!) and I am still playing today. I have a Blog Blast Markers. There has been many versions of the classic pen and paper role-playing games throughout the years and I always come back to your D20 D&D-esque games, currently it is Pathfinder (D&D 3.5+).

Though I think what has topped them all at this point is the Civilization series where i am sitting at over 700 hours with its current version. I have played every version of the game that has been released for PC as well as Revolution except Civ IV (though I do own a copy) and now they have told us that this Fall will see the next game in the series. Guess I am not getting away from this anytime soon.

Trying Something New.

Yes that is the icon for Iron Kingdoms. Yes that is the old icon from way back before they had Warmachine and there was only the D20 Role-playing game. I liked it, wasn't so much a fan of 3 books in as many years but the books were great and I had always wanted to play it. My group got through a bit of 3.0 and 3.5 and then Pathfinder was released and there was never really enough support for IKRPG 1.0 for us to get enough traction in order to actually play. So we have been playing Pathfinder for quite a while and then a personal matter came up and that fell apart and so a year or so has past and while the personal problem is now running around the house and menacing everything less than three feet off the ground we have started to get the itch to play another RPG. Now I would have just gone back to Pathfinder and I have a campaign that i have been working on for a while now, I just don't want to do it. So i started looking at alternatives and noticed that PP had put out a new version on IKRPG using their Warmachine ruleset as a base.

Hmmmm, maybe..... Well the wife likes the Hordes side of the game (She loves the Blackclads) and while i don't know about the others I think I could probably talk them into giving it a try. So here we are! Some time in the next couple of weeks we should see our first session of IKRPG2.0. Not sure if this will be a continuous planned event I do think we may see a session every so often. I am thinking of this as a trial of the system, fortunately the system seems to be easier to throw stuff together at the last minute than D20 ever was.

So we are going to give it a try and if we like it then maybe we can make it a bit more formal than the every so often that it will start out as and it should give us a feel for what my wife would really like to play. IKRPG Unleashed.

I just needed a place to talk....

So I created Blast Markers in order to talk about Warhammer 40,000 and I thought I would have more time to do so. Post some pics, talk about some games, and muddle through what ever rumors happen to be getting complained about at the time, but I just haven't had the time to paint let alone do much else and the games are only coming along every couple of weeks for a couple weekends in a row and then we are off the rotation for a bit. I also found myself wanting to talk about some other stuff but couldn't bring myself to talk about it over there. It just didn't seem right.

So here I am with a place to say what ever I feel like at the time but most likely it will be about gaming in general with the possibility of an occasional rant (because I can). I know this blog is going to be rather ugly for a while but I am hoping to give it a little time in the near future so that it doesn't look so horrible.