Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attack of the B-Team: Minecraft

A couple of weeks ago I can across some new videos by PSJ on YouTube where he started on a new Minecraft server with a mod pack called Attack of the B-Team. Scott and I really liked what we saw so he set up a server. We played on it for a couple of days and then he had some hardware issues and had to rebuild, that was about two weeks or so ago. Now the server is back up and we have a new seed, everything seems to be very stable and other than a couple of the normal Minecraft glitches we are doing pretty good.

I started off this round of Minecraft my creating a new term or two, the first is "Pulling a Jeff". This is where you die within the first couple of minutes after spawning. The second is "Uber Jeff", in which case you die three times within 30 minutes of spawning. These terms apparently don't take into consideration if it is a fresh spawn or you simply log into the game. Now I must say i haven't played in survival mode in a long time so I needed to get back into that mode of "OMG EVERYTHING IS OUT TO GET ME!". Well it is.

I remember vanilla Minecraft having far fewer mobs than on this mod pack. So in Vanilla you may see a zombie or two, a skeleton, and a creeper. In B-Team. I think the Zombies spawn in groups of 3-5 with the occasional skeleton or two and possibly a creeper. If you happen to kill all that then chances are at least 1 of not 2 more groups have already spawned somewhere around you and it is now a lost cause. Just go ahead and die. Even in better armor you can still be overwhelmed at night so "Always Be Afraid". Oh and one more thing, there are the mini-zombies that some times appear, typically with a batch of other zombies and man are they fast. So if you get popped and when you turn around you don't see anything, LOOK DOWN!

So the first couple of days for me beside dying and finding the closest whole to hide in and make equipment was to cross a mud filled  field, a land of burning ash and lava (Wastelands Biome), and then climbing into a Canyon Biome in which I was to build my Test Lab. I did cheat a bit and took a look around in a creative single player just to see if I could find a place to build.

So my plan was simple, build a test lab in the side of a canyon and test out the mod. Once done figure out what I wanted to do next. So my test lab is up and running and i will get some screen shots up at a latter date. I am on my third installment of power going from 2 Steam Dynamos to a Magmatic Dynamo, and now to a fully automated five steam dynamo tree farm power plant. Just don't look at the mess below the tree farm. I have a fully automated bread company going on as well. I don't touch anything from the growing of barely to the baking of bread, nothing is touched. I open a chest and there is a stack of bread.

This is nice and all and I have lots more stuff to test but the Village is my primary project. With the help of my buddy Scott, we built a fully populated Village and have spawned enough villager to get an Iron Golem. I will have pictures of this I just need to grab them.

So this is where I am right now and I figured it was time to start talking about it since the server is stable and I am at a place in the game where I am not in a constant fear of dying.