Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lets start a new game of Skyrim - Part 2

Since i last posted I have seen way to many of these, in fact I was attacked by three of these all with in a 15 minute span. Sure mister mage guys I will go to some cave on a mountain to find a staff that will save the world. What do I get in my travels to said cave? Attacked by a Dragon, and then another Dragon, and when I get into the cave? Yep another dragon but for a change this one was already dead. It might have well been alive because all the anti-undead magic in the world didn't do a thing to it. So lesson learned, Bone Dragons do not equal undead dragon even if they look the part. 

I also got pulled into the Descent into Madness quest line way to early in my career. This is a quest mod and it is activated when you go to sleep in your bed within Breezeholme. Well i have two things to say about this. Firstly, level 10 is not a good level to be going into this quest, I spent good amounts of time running away from things that I had no business even attempting to fight. Secondly, I never went to sleep in Breezeholme. Yeah the quest triggered when I was attempting to put something in the chest next to the bed. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to play Descent into Madness by all means play it. It is a pretty good quest line and I enjoyed every part of it other than the running for the hills from stuff I couldn't really kill. I  entered the quest without my companion (and after looking at a video because i got stuck) I realized that I probably should have had my companion with me. Not entirely sure but the guy in the video had his companion. I didn't.

Other than the lack of companion and to tell the truth i am not sure you are supposed to have a companion on this quest I only really had one glitch. Since I went with Madness I had to follow Nimbly the Split Personality Girl through parts of the quest. Well I must of thumbed her in the back of the head with a fireball one to many times because by the time we got to Dementia she wanted to kill me as much as everyone else. And she could 3 shot me while screaming "For the Eye of Thundera!". Ok, so that did get a bit annoying. I did have to learn a console command to fix her and since she had killed 3/4 of the village while chasing me I also had to resurrect the objective of the quest as well. 

Now I did survive and I did walk away from the quest with a couple pieces of armor. I also promptly saves, exited the game and turned off the mod until I can gain a couple more levels. Once I feel ready I will go back in there and play the Dementia side of the quest. 

So that was the excitement since I last posted about Skyrim. Dragons and Crazy people have ruled most of my time in game. I leave off with a quest were I am following a talking dog up a mountain to a cave with a bad name. If it is interesting I guess you will be hearing about it.

"My master kicked me out! Please help!"

Who can say no to a face like that? I think I am going to wish I did.