Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lets start a new game of Skyrim - Part 3

This is Hert, I buy lumber from her and she is a vampire. What does this have to do with my story? Well in the course of my travels I encountered a dungeon full of vampires, not friendly ones like Hert of course, and they bit me or what ever it is they have to do to infect you. In fact, I didn't even know I was infected until several days after the run in which everything went white and I receive a message about my blood boiling or some such. Ok so i did not want to be a vampire, I don't want to drink blood, and i don't want to catch fire in sunlight. I have enough problems with Dragons that i don't need guards trying to stab me for my glowing eyes. I had to do something about this and so I did. Go talk to a tavern owner, ask for rumors, track down some guy that knows about vampires, steal the soul of the living, and get cured. Yeah I did feel bad about the soul thing so I took it from an Imperial Soldier. Yeah i am a Stormcloak! Happy Dance! One dead Imperial Soldier and I am Vampire Free.

Now don't worry I decided not to start out this part of my story with more Dragons but I will be mentioning Dragons soon enough. Firstly though I think I should give a quick explanation about these vampires. See I downloaded a Quest mod called Helgen Reborn and one of the Quest givers wanted to get rid of some vampires. I figured hell how many can there be, you only ever see 4 or 5 attack a town. Yeah never think like that. 30 Vampires and 3 days later and I have the first signs of Vampirism. Should have knew there was something wrong when the guy told me not to get to close. Anyhow, I appear to have moved the quest line along pretty well and thus far I am glad that I grabbed it.

I have also been working on the Stormcloak quest line. I had a chance to take Whiterun and now the NPCs are less annoying since they aren't spouting Imperial rubbish at me all the time. I am currently not sure where the quest line is taking me since all I seem to be doing now is going from camp to camp doing odd jobs. It got to the point where I had to take a break. So i built a house. Yeah I had already bought the plot from Falkreath so all I had to do was go take a look. Lets just say that for about an hour of so of relaxation I built the entry way, main house, and the rear wing house. I also became friends with Hert, and learned all sorts of things about stone and clay. The only furnishings that I was able to build was a bed and then it was mostly so that I could sleep in order to wait for Hert to wake up so I could buy more Lumber. The only real thing of interest is that right out my east window and down the hill is a Necromancer making art with Skeletons. Yeah, I have weird neighbors and I may have to look her up and find out what the hell is going on with her because after talking with her for about 10 minutes I still hadn't gotten anywhere with her and I didn't just want to up and kill her.

Now for the dragons of which I ran into four of them. One I wish i had waited to kill because I hadn't realized at the time that he was very intend upon killing some Thalmor of which I am getting tired of. Every time I see an elf now a days they all seem to be Thalmor and if you thought the Imperials spouted off some rubbish then wait to you meet these guys. I literally killed one of these guys and he was still talking. I don't know if it was a scripting glitch or what but after about 2 minutes he finally stop his babbling.The second dragon wasn't so much a problem, it attacked me on the side of the mountain and I slaughtered it. The third and fourth dragons were where it got weird though. I fast traveled to Falkreath and like usual there was a dragon in town. So I killed it and went to talk to the Jarl. When I left the Jarl's Hall I ran into 5 vampires. Come On Really! Well after dealing with them I went into the tavern and sold a couple of items. When I walked out of the Tavern, yeah you got it, another dragon.

This appears to be the story of my life. I wonder if I will stop seeing so many of these guys if I get back on the dragonborn quest line?