Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Project Safari Car - Complete!

Take two weekends, two projects, and a 7 year old girl and you will get something like this. Yes this is a blue and pink safari car with a leopard print hood and zebra stripe seat covers. Other than design, some fabrication, and use of spray paint, my daughter did all the work which includes the gluing of the popsicle sticks together in order to make the bench seating. Her mother cut out the fabric for the roof and the squiggly paper for the running boards but I believe we made her do almost everything else. Yes she even hand painted the hub caps. Since we put so much work into this thing I figured I would share the finished project.

Not sure what she was trying to draw on the sides but the car was a little blank without it.

Double headlights for the win!

So apparently there are two Mickey Mouse guards on the back and a Leopard print mud flap. Go figure.

Once again the funny line to break up the blank sides. I just wonder if she realized that the lines don't go to the same place on both sides. XD