Friday, May 9, 2014

Lets start a new game of Skyrim

Yeah I am starting over in Skyrim. Why, because I got my self into a situation of oh crap, bad quest, and game bugs... So it has been about 3 months since that bad experience and the unofficial skyrim patch states that my particular bugs have been fixed except not the save is broke all the way back to about 6 hours from were I was. Yeah I am not doing that again so retired my rogue lizard guy is and born my Breton wizard lady is.

Now I did get all the unofficial patches since they have to be better than the official patches and I grabbed a couple of other mods such as the one that actually lets you see while underwater (go figure - you may actually have a quest that requires you to find a very very small object under water). I also picked up a couple of mod that make things look less like minecraft.

20 minutes later I get through the intro which I had to back out of once because I didn't start in the cart. We were all just hanging around next to the cart and watching the horse that was suppose to pull the cart try and push it and fail. once I get that all straightened out and we get to town, character created, and head on the chopping block/dragon attack I realize while running away trying to keep my butt from being caught on fire that I was actually given a decision! yeah I guess I wasn't actually paying that much attention the first time. So I get to choose whether I want to go with the Imperial guy that just wanted to remove my head from my shoulders or mister "Hello my name is Ralof and we are all going to die" but was at least happy about it. Good Ralof it is! Down with the Imperial Scum! Yeah I paid a more attention to the game this time. I think Rugby might have been on the last time I ran through the intro.

Yeah here he is Ralof my Savior

Now I realize that this was a Matrix moment and after you take the pill you are basically in the same place, leaving the same hole in the mountain. I think I have been here before??? Yeah and then Ralof jumps behind the rock and says something about it being gone. What? The Dragon? Yeah it is, I cannot even see it anymore. Then he sends me on my way to Riverwood or some such. Ok this is all familiar now, walk down the mountain while looking through the spells I have. Ooooo sparkly ghost puppy! I like that. Puppy runs off and three seconds later I am getting attacked by wolves. Hmmm maybe the ghost puppy has a large aggro range (it does!).

So I am walking towards Riverwood and hear a dragon (that would be the very rare and elusive dragons in Skyrim) and think nothing of it..... wait there wasn't a dragon attacking Riverwood last time....was there. Yes right out of the intro and there is a dragon lighting the village dog on fire, trampling the tulips, and eating the chickens less than 10 minutes after leaving the hole in the mountain. I had to stop and make sure i didn't get a mod for extra dragons..... no I didn't get any mods for extra dragons. So I stop and look at my map and think that maybe Falkreath might be a better location to hit level 2 at and since I grabbed the Halgren Reborn mod I could at least hide from this dragon for a bit.

As I mentioned the Ghost Puppy has a large aggro range. Firstly, the Ghost Puppy is the Familiar from the Conjure Familiar spell. Secondly, The thing looks like a wolf. Thirdly, I don't think it liked me to much. You know the range that you would normally pull out a bow in order to hunt an Elk in Skyrim? Well for me it is at the range were you have to aim a bit above where you want to hit so that the arrow fall into the Elks neck. Well that is about the distance that the Ghost Puppy would charge a pack of wolves and then while he was eating the one wolf he attacked and other two or three would come and try and eat me. This happened about 4 times heading to Falkreath. Makes me glad I didn't have him summoned when I got to Riverwood or he may have attacked the Dragon.

Here is my good Ghost Puppy

If he wasn't already dead I think I may have to kill him.

I stopped play as I entered town. Not a bug or glitch in site. The Ghost Puppy didn't run off to attack a city guard or anything and no one was yelling at me for being me. I am concerned for this play through seeing as the very first town i came to was under a dragon attack and all the times I had past though there on my last play though not once did I see a dragon attack that village.