Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lets start a new game of Skyrim - Talking With Gods

So does everyone remember Barbas? Yeah, thank good he is no longer following me around. Anyone that has done the quest line knows that Barbas here is the pet of a god (the God of Annoying the Hell out of You!). Anyhow, the way you get this quest is a blacksmith ask you to find this dog that has been wandering around town. Well it is Barbas, and well the blacksmith cannot have him (that I know of at least) and you can go tell him that Barbas is more trouble than he is worth at which the blacksmith goes about his business. Well Barbas and his master are both more trouble than they are worth. I finally completed the quest and "Hoorah For F#^@ing Silence!" seriously, I love dogs but Barbas would not shut the hell up. There are some advantages to having Barbas in your party and not completing the quest, mostly because he is an Unkillable NPC. But after several days of playing with him in my party I finally got tired of his constant barking and completed the quest. No I couldn't go through with what his master wanted and gave up the axe (I didn't need it anyhow) but I must say the silence is a great thing. Now I can even hear the Dragons scream as they come in to attack me.

Is it just me or all the Gods in Skyrim just wrong in the head. I found a gem to Meridia (ok so it was her Beacon) and she commanded me to return it. Not ask, DEMANDED! So I put the beacon in my bag and went to Whiterun and threw it in my chest. Where it sat until I started to build my house in Falkreath at which I accidentally moved it with my crafting supplies. When I went to deal with Barbas I realized that quest was way out in the same area so I took it along. So I stopped by her shrine and replaced the beacon at which point she lifts me a very long way into the air and demands that I clean out her temple of some necromancer (she really hates this necromancer) all the while complaining about the fickleness of mortals (Well maybe if you weren't a demanding ......) yeah I held my tongue seeing that if she dropped me there wouldn't be much left. So i cleaned her house and low and behold she thanked me and then demanded I go forth and cleanse the world of the undead and spread her word. No thank you, I took the sword and will soon forget her name.

Of the Gods that I have actually had the opportunity to speak only one thus far hasn't been a total pain. I met Hircine after obtaining his cursed ring and in order to talk with him about removing the curse had to go shoot kill his avatar, a White Stag. He was pretty cool about it and all. He simply told me that I would have to go skin the werewolf that stole his ring and that if i did so he would grant me his boon and remove the curse. So I went and skinned the werewolf at which point he turned the skin into armor. That kind of creeped me out but thus far it was the least offensive encounter with a god i have had thus far.