Monday, May 5, 2014

Iron Kingdoms - Campaign Startup

Like I have mentioned previously, my gaming group has decided to give Iron Kingdoms RPG a try and Friday saw our first sit down to go over the ins and outs and while we do go over some stuff it mostly just became a social event and a bunch of joking around. Some stuff did come out of the sessions including if I have it correct the following

Adventure Company - Mercenary Charter
Starting Location - Merin, Ord
Captain - Ordic Aristocrat/Investigator
Lieutenant - Khadoran Iron Fang/Military Officer

Rhulfolk Arcane Mechanik/Field Mechanik
Cygnaran Gun Mage/Soldier
Scharde Cutthroat/Pirate

I know that the Mercenary Charter is supposed to have a Treasurer but I don't think we actually got that far and while there was discussion on a name for the mercenary band I am still not entirely sure there was an agreement. To tell the truth I am not entirely positive that the above is correct but it is the best I can do with what I remember. Maybe one of them will read this and make a comment.

The one thing I no for sure is that the cutthroat/pirate is not a ranking officer in the Company. I know this because that is who I am playing and as the GM I don't want to be a decision maker in the Company.

I did decide that I wanted a different character sheet than the one supplied. So I created one of my own that does some of the calculations for me and it can be found on the Download page.